Wellesley College

Program Description

Ilene graduated from Wellesley College in 1967 and served in a variety of leadership, philanthropic and advisory roles for much of her adult life. She was a generous donor, a founding member of their Business Leadership Council to support the college and graduates in a the world of business. She was a frequent and dedicated mentor to countless students, staff and board members.

A Major Gift to her Alma Mater

In 2020, Ilene’s foundation made a $100,000 gift to the college, and in 2021 made a four year, $320,000 pledge to launch the Ilene Beal Questbridge Scholars program. This fund annually supports 20 Questrbridge scholars with money for laptops, travel, incidentals and other expenses that can limit a scholarship student’s full participation in the college’s academic and social life. As a scholarship student herself, Ilene understood how limited funds could restrict a full and complete college experience.

In recognition of Ilene’s contributions to the school, a faculty office in the new science building has been named The Ilene Beal 67′ Faculty Office.

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