Beal Foundation Hosts Impact Investment Conference

Co-Hosted by Molly Stifler of the Stifler Family Foundation, the meeting is part of a broader effort to explore ways in which small private and family foundations can broaden their impact through the creative use of their granting and investing.

On Tuesday February 7th the Ilene Beal Foundation and Stifler Family foundation hosted a roundtable discussion titled Impacting Relationships: the Opportunities and Challenges of Impact Investing for Foundation and Non-Profits. Presenter Jim Grace of the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston led the group in a discussion on the benefits, possibilities, and challenges of impact investing, using two of his projects as a mini case study. The event was hosted by Drake Richey and Jamie Bush of Bush and Company in their conference room at 101 Federal Street.

The meeting was part of a broader effort to provide foundations, donor advised funds, and individual philanthropists with an open venue for discussing ideas that can help deepen creativity, collaboration, and impact in our local philanthropic community. It is an all-volunteer experiment in building a self-organized community of funders who are interested sparking conversations about new ideas, creative approaches, and dynamic partnerships to combat some of our areas most intractable challenges.

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